Our Doctor

Sana-Ara Ahmed MD FRCPC

 Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed is a practicing clinical Anesthesiologist, Interventional Pain & Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist in Canada. An avant-garde entrepreneur and visionary, her clinic, known as Genuvis Health, provides integrative and compassionate chronic pain management for Calgarians. She has a diverse practice that focuses on targeted pain control for diagnosis and opioid harm reduction. The successful incorporation of medical cannabis into her practice for treating chronic pain, anxiety, depression and functional sleep disorders has well established Dr. Ahmed as an expert in the field.

She is a medical graduate from the University of Saskatchewan in 2006 and received her post graduate designation in Anesthesiology and Medicine from the University of British Columbia in 2011. An astute clinical educator, she is also a certified instructor in Simulation Medicine after completing her Medical Education Fellowship at the University of Toronto in 2013. Dr. Ahmed is also training to receive double certification FIPP and CIPS in interventional pain diagnostic fluoroscopy and ultrasound from the World Pain Institute, due for completion in 2020.

Dr. Ahmed is a chronic pain patient advocate and champion for patient self-care. Her knowledge and passion for medical cannabis as a treatment modality for all Health Canada indications has made Dr. Ahmed a renowned medical cannabis educator nationally & internationally. 

Our team

Blaine Garrison, RN Manager

 Blaine is new to Genuvis Health, and brings his experience from the US Navy to provide management in running an exceptionally functioning clinic. His clinical experience in mental health services at AHS adds to the calm and caring environment promoted at the clinic.  He is passionate about self-compassion cognitive behavior therapy for chronic pain patients and is the lead in developing mindfulness therapies to ensure a bio-psycho-social approach to pain is maintained in our clinic. 

Shabana Safari, LPN

Shabana is a people's champion and works hard to deliver the best and most compassionate chronic pain care for all her patients. She has rapidly risen in medical cannabis knowledge and is the go-to for patients searching for the best CBD oil for anxiety management or THC strain for helping fall asleep and stay asleep. Shabana is a certified phlebotomist and assists Dr Ahmed in regenerative medicine procedures such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to enable chronic pain patients return to function and live their best lives. 

Insia Khambati, RN

Insia is passionate about chronic migraine management, and as a migraine sufferer herself, advocates for the latest therapy and treatments for all patients. She is a certified migraine Botox injector and is part of the clinical nursing team providing advanced support to Calgary migraine sufferers. She is knowledgeable in the latest therapy of CGRP monoclonal antibody injections and educates and supports patients in managing their chronic migraines and acute migraines during the unpredictable Calgary weather seasons. 

About Us

Pediatric Medical Cannabis

At Genuvis Health, we treat even the smallest members of the family! Dr. Ahmed has developed expertise in pediatric dosing of cannabinoid medicine for a range of neurological disorders. She is affiliated with Toronto Neurology Centre and provides consultation to families in Alberta. 

Ultrasound Guided Pain Management

Not feeling well or just wanting a second opinion? We do it all! We offer state of the art ultrasound guided nerve, muscle and joint blocks for immediate and long term pain relief. We also perform rehabilitation assessments  and referrals for radiofrequency ablation procedures. Whether you're new to our practice or needing routine customized pain treatment, we're here for you!

Women's Health Family Planning

Women's health is important to us. If you're starting a family or suffering from chronic pelvic pan, Dr. Ahmed is the go-to specialist for medical cannabis management and pelvic nerve blocks. She is able to guide cannabis use during pregnancy, Botox migraine treatment during pregnancy and beyond. Her expertise in weaning off opioids during pregnancy to reduce neonatal harm has helped countless families find happiness and peace again.